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Color Conditioner

Illumyna Color Conditioner Cosmetic Blush

Cosmetic Blush is a Multicolor Conditioner with an elevated cosmetic action that in just one step nourishes, colors and protects hair, providing a vibrant and brilliant color effect.

Restores brilliance to dull, lifeless hair, by reviving and enhancing its color.

  • Two services in one: conditions and colors
  • Advantage: fast and effective


Salon Service & Home TherapHy Maintenance. Cosmetic Blush adds extra value to the world of color. Makes the professional color service more precious. Provides excellent home care results because it is extremely easy for clients to use.

  • Nourishes
  • Protects
  • Revives Color
  • Enhances natural hair color
  • Neutralize unwanted tones on streaked hair


The formula boasts the exclusive Synergy of 3 active principles: Keratin, Sunflower seed and Pomegranate.

  • Keratin: having affinity with the natural hair structure, bonds to help provide strenght and elasticity to the hair.
  • Sunflower seed: possess natural softening and hydrating properties to provide shine, softness and elasticity to the hair.
  • Pomegranate: rich in poliphenols, known for their anti-oxidizing action, reduce the formation of free radicals to help counter premature ageing of the hair structure.

The synergic action of the Keratin, Sunflower seed and Pomegranate makes COSMETIC BLUSH a rich treatment with strong Restoring, Hydrating and Anti-Oxidizing properties.

The G&P Cosmetics laboratory in its extensive research has formulated the Color Conditioners with another PLUS specific to each single BLUSH which, in combination with the colored pigments in the formula, provides decisive and vibrant results.


Natural Technology

G&P Cosmetics has developed its formulation using primary material of natural derivation and extracts of tinctoral plants, traditional to Tuscany and the Orient, in order to give maximum performance and brilliance to each single Cosmetic BLUSH.

Elevated affinity between pigments and Keratin

The colored pigments present in Cosmetic BLUSH possess both a high affinity and adherence to the Keratin as well as the ability of reflecting natural light, thus enhancing the color, shine and brightness of the hair..


Is Essential for closing the cutucle scales to provide uniformity of the hair structure enhancing brilliance and splendor.

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