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Speedway in Poland




Are you speedway and motorcycles fans? If yes, we have incredible news for you! Polish distributor of SENS.US brand has just become an official sponsor of a first female speedway rider in Poland! 17-year-old Klaudia Szmaj has recently passed her speedway licence exam and has signed a contract with a speedway club K.S. Stelmet Falubaz from Zielona Gora, Poland. Zielona Gora is also where our distributor’s headquarters is located.

Speedway is an extremely popular sport discipline in Poland, which gathers milions of fans at the stadiums and in front of the TV screens. First female speedway rider is a great sensation in the whole country! And from this week on Klaudia will be officially riding in a uniform with a SENS.US logo!

It’s an excellent brand promotion as well as a great way of supporting a young person who represents the values important and consistent with the philosophy of our brand – she’s young, beautiful, energetic and full of passion for what she does – absolutely amazing and extraordinary! Polish distributor of SENS.US brand will be taking care of Klaudia’s image and will also provide her with all the necessary means for her skills and sport career development.

Klaudia, we are proud of you!

Kind regards
Sens.ùs Poland Team


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