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Who is MC2 Soft Cream Color for?
For people with natural (undyed) hair looking for a delicate product; for people who are sensitive to ammonia; for people with chemically treated hair. For people looking for a product which is less irritating than the traditional oxidisation-based dyes (filo-natural).
What is MC2 Soft Cream Color?
It is an innovative permanent dye without ammonia, paraphenilenediamine (PPD). It was created to supply salons and customers with a very safe and gentle product, with good cosmetic and colour characteristics, a tool with safe, reliable and high colouring properties. It is particularly suited for careful customers who are looking for the best from cosmetic technological research, for products which are gentle on skin and hair structure.
What is the difference between a dye with Ammonia and a dye without Ammonia?
From a practical point of view the quality of a dye without ammonia is slightly lower than that of a dye using ammonia-based oxidisation. The lightening effect is slightly less marked because the changes in hair structure are more delicate, on the other hand, shine is greatly increased and coverage is excellent. However, the most remarkable feature of this product is that during the normal fading of colour, the tone is gradually lost but the highlights do not fade or change. In ammonia based dyes the highlights fade more rapidly than the tone.
Do MC2 Soft Cream Color Super Lighteners cover white hair?
The Super Lightening series 11.1 – SILVER, 11.2 – PEARL, does not cover white hair and, to achieve the best results when using this range, we recommended working on undyed hair (6/7).
What are the characteristics of MC2 Soft Color?
MC2 COLOR cream is easy to mix, has a compact and stable consistency which is very easy to apply and brush in. Despite its extremely gentle characteristics it guarantees excellent coverage of white hair and colour transformation because it adheres perfectly to hair.

 What is S.O.S Colour Remover?
It is an innovative colour stripping solution, studied to gently remove all types of cosmetic colouring without changing natural hair pigmentation. Thanks to its innovative formula it is possible to change the oxidisation process of hair colouring, eliminating the coloured molecules without damaging natural hair pigmentation. This product is particularly suitable for the total or partial correction of colour.
After using S.O.S Colour Remover what special steps must be taken to colour hair again?
N. B. Special attention is required when a new dye is applied to hair previously treated with S.O.S. Hair Colour Remover.

1) Before applying the oxidising dye, hair must be totally free of every S.O.S residue. Washing hair with shampoo and removing excess water is therefore recommended.
2) Use of high oxygen volumes (30-44) is recommended. Choose a shade which is one or two tones lighter than the desired one (e.g. if you want to obtain a 6.3, use a 7.3)
3) Shades containing ash as an ingredient should definitely be avoided because considerable darkening can occur and the final result could be dark hair.
4) If the new dye chosen belongs to the purple series the recommended strategy, before applying the new dye, then follow these steps:  apply a direct red dye, leave it for a few minutes, remove excess dye with a comb and then apply the oxidising shade. This particular strategy is required because, after the use of S.O.S. Hair Colour Remover, the hair contains a high percentage of orange pigments which could interfere with the purple series dyes.
5) There is no need to leave the oxidising dye for 30 minutes because S.O.S leaves hair cuticles totally open.